about The Kid Sister

Hosted by: Liberty Karp

Why is this project called “The Kid Sister”? Well, because I’m standing on the shoulders of giants! For years and years and years, Ira Glass and This American Life have supplied me with exceptionally delicious ear candy (you know that sugar is as addictive as crack, right?), and the scene has only grown bigger and richer and more wonderful with the likes of Snap Judgment, Love and Radio, Strangers, The Moth, Serial, and many others.

The Kid Sister is about taking that inspiration, going out and meeting people, and building my own collection of really compelling narratives that we can listen to, connect with, and learn from.

I’m not sure how the giants feel, but I can say that my love of stories is deeply connected with the ways that they expose our vulnerability, our strength, and our resilience…our fears, our struggles, and our victories.

And in this golden age of visual media, I find there is something incredibly powerful about sound recordings. For me it’s all about the intimacy of the experience: I hit play and suddenly someone is speaking right into my ear like it’s a private conversation. No flickering television screen to remind me of our distance across time and space, no visual distractions to highlight our differences. It’s just me and whoever is speaking, like old friends, or maybe closest confidantes.

These are the stories I am hoping to capture: stories we can connect with and relate to, stories that awaken our compassion and emotion, stories that remind us of our humanity and our shared connection with one another. I welcome you to join me in the magic.


Featured image: Modified version of a flickr photo by Matthew Keefe, released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licence. Thank you! This version is released by Liberty Karp under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.